About Us

Johnny Keeton, President

After graduation from Texas Tech in 1969, Johnny started a financial investment firm that eventually evolved into a venture capital company, based in Houston, Texas. In the Mid 70's, Johnny's dad, J. Frank Keeton, the president of Keeton Industries, asked him to go to work for the firm as manager of Keeton Industries California branch in Burbank, California.

Later, he began traveling overseas-first to South and Central America and by the end of the 70's was in Taiwan-showing U.S. upholstery fabrics...before it was even possible to ship to Taiwan. The past 20 years have seen Johnny Keeton Studios move to New York, originally in 1980 and permanently in 1992. Johnny Keeton Studios has worked with many of the top suppliers in our industry to promote their textile lines in the export markets. A network of associated agents and loyal clients are part of the group that have worked together over the years to keep fashion forward textile designs and colors in front of their customers each season.

Now, living in New York City, working from his office and flat, the search for textile treasures goes on.